OSOV's Stretegic Objectives

Reconnecting with Family

Deployment takes it's toll. OSOV serves as a safety net that families sometimes need during major changes.

Creating a Sense of Community

Veterans have a unique perspective. Bring them together and healing happens.

Returning to a Job

Not every military job type is needed in the civilian sector. We help Veterans make new connections in the civilian community.

Obtaining Services

Veterans deserve access to the best in medical, housing, education, and community.


As Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces ourselves, we know what it is to sacrifice our time, energy, and careers in service for the people of the United States.

Regardless of politics, members of the military, first responders, and government security personnel are driven by a higher purpose to hold steadfast in their mission to protect the way of life enjoyed by all Americans.

All hands are on deck at Armed Forces Mobile Charities to drive funds in the direction of those affected by the Government shutdown of 2019. You can help by purchasing a line of cellular service below. A portion of all profits from all cellular plans are directed to other charitable organizations who are directly supporting Veterans and those affected by the shutdown. Armed Forces Mobile Charities cell phone plans are serviced by one of the nations largest cellular providers.

All SIM cards are compatible with any unlocked T-Mobile or AT&T mobile phone.


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Areas of Support

Some of the areas in which we seek to support our Veterans include those that the Department of Veteran Affairs cites as areas of greatest need, including challenges that arise from returning to civilian life, including employment, housing, family services, and medical care.

After returning from military service, many Veterans find it challenging to relate to people who do not know or understand what they have experienced in the military, simply because they themselves have not experienced it. We support programs that help bridge this gap.

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